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What level of experience and creative skills should a student have to apply to CAM?
Since all of our programs are structured to be project-based, we can modify students' level of difficulty based on their past knowledge and experience. Ultimately, we are looking for students who are passionate, patient, and have a creative mind. Although we welcome all levels of experience, we require students to have some basic knowledge of 3D or image manipulation.

After learning the fundamentals of the design industry, our students can focus on a specialized field in either the Communication or Industrial design industry. Upon graduation, students will receive a diploma and their professionally crafted demo reels, which prepares them to have a successful design industry career. CAM Institute of Design aims to push the boundaries of the design industry, which is why we make such an effort to encourage you to be your best.

When deciding what elements to put in your portfolio, it might seem a little overwhelming and complicated at first, but we always suggest submitting the work you are the proudest of. Each component of your portfolio should be related to your applying program. For example, show us the type of work that demonstrates your understanding of design fundamentals, your attention to detail, your passion, and your creative mind.

If you have some simple experience in any of the programs we offer, make sure to add them to your portfolio! Do not let the 8-10 recommendation for submissions prevent you from sending us more of your work. Please include a sentence or two about each submission and explain why you chose the piece and how you think it relates to your selected program. Feel free to contact us if you want to see some examples of previous submissions or have any other questions.
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